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How to get a 4k badge in Apex

How to get a 4k badge in Apex

What is the 4000 Damage Badge?

The 4000 Damage Badge is a prestigious achievement in Apex Legends that showcases exceptional skill and dominance in the game. It is awarded to players who deal a total of 4000 damage or more in a single match. Earning this badge is no easy feat and requires strategic gameplay, precise aim, and effective teamwork.

Mastering the Art of Damage Dealing

To increase your chances of obtaining the 4000 Damage Badge, you need to focus on maximizing your damage output throughout the match. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

1. Choose the Right Legend

Each legend in Apex Legends has unique abilities that can greatly impact your damage potential. Select a legend that complements your playstyle and has abilities that can deal significant damage to enemies.

2. Land in High-Tier Loot Areas

High-tier loot areas are hotspots for intense battles and encounters. Landing in these areas increases your chances of finding powerful weapons and gear, allowing you to deal more damage early in the game.

3. Prioritize Weapon Upgrades

Upgrade your weapons as quickly as possible. Look for attachments such as extended magazines, barrel stabilizers, and optics to enhance your weapon's damage and accuracy.

4. Aim for Headshots

Headshots deal significantly more damage than body shots. Practice your aim and focus on landing headshots to quickly eliminate enemies and rack up damage.

5. Coordinate with Your Team

Communication and teamwork are crucial in Apex Legends. Coordinate with your teammates to set up ambushes, flank enemies, and maximize your damage output as a team.

6. Engage in Firefights

Don't shy away from engagements. Engage in firefights whenever possible to deal damage to enemy squads. Be aggressive, but also mindful of your positioning and cover.

7. Utilize Ultimate Abilities

Each legend has a powerful ultimate ability that can turn the tide of battle. Use your ultimate ability strategically to deal massive damage to multiple enemies or control the battlefield.

8. Stay Alive

Survivability is key to achieving the 4000 Damage Badge. Stay alive as long as possible by utilizing healing items, taking cover, and retreating when necessary. The longer you survive, the more opportunities you have to deal damage.


Earning the 4000 Damage Badge in Apex Legends is a testament to your skill and mastery of the game. By following these tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of achieving this impressive feat. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and never give up!

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